Countdown to Shabbos



Countdown to Shabbos

Bringing the Week into Shabbos
Bringing Shabbos into the Week

by Rabbi Hillel Goldberg

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With one eye on this world, as a newspaper editor, and another eye on eternity, as the author of pioneering works on Jewish spiritual heroes, Rabbi Hillel Goldberg’s Countdown to Shabbos etches how Jews connect this world to the next, via Shabbos. Countdown to Shabbos is as accessible as a newspaper, as inspiring as legend, and as learned as a sefer, showing how Jews can transform their entire lives by bringing Shabbos into the week, and the week into Shabbos.


About the Author

Rabbi Hillel Goldberg  is the editor and publisher of the Intermountain Jewish News, and the author of six books, including The Fire Within: The Living Heritage of the Musar Movement and Between Berlin and Slobodka: Jewish Transition Figures from Eastern Europe, as well as Hallel Hakohen (Hebrew), an elucidation of the elusive commentary of the Vilna Gaon on the laws of mikveh.


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