Derashot Ledorot — Set



Derashot Ledorot: A Commentary for the Ages

by Rabbi Dr. Norman J. Lamm

Full set includes Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, and Deuteronomy; co-published by OU Press, Maggid Books, and Yeshiva University Press. Edited by Stuart Halpern.

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Between 1952 and 1976, a young, erudite synagogue rabbi named Norman Lamm captivated his congregants with dynamic pulpit sermons. He challenged his audiences to filter out the noise and distractions of modern American life by listening to the divine voice, delving into the wisdom of the Torah. Derashot LeDorot is a selection of essays based on these stirring sermons, culled from the files of the Lamm Archives of Yeshiva University. Each essay features reflections on the weekly parasha, brilliantly illustrating Rabbi Lamm’s masterful pedagogy, deep intellectual rigor, and staunch commitment to the word of God. Today, Rabbi Lamm’s words remain as inspiring as they were when first delivered, passing on his wisdom to the next generations.

For decades, Dr. Lamm has been mesmerizing audiences with his captivating language and compelling messages. He is a preacher par excellence, conveying a Torah message in a format that is enjoyable, edifying and uplifting. Readers will be charmed by the new book’s poetic language and dazzled by its sharp insight into human nature. Rabbi Lamm offers timeless messages of unsurpassed substance and style.

About the Author

Rabbi Norman Lamm, former Chancellor and President of Yeshiva University and former Rosh haYeshiva of its affiliated Rabbi Isaac Elchanan Theological Seminary, is one of the most gifted and profound Jewish thinkers today. He was the founding editor of Tradition, the journal of Orthodox thought published by the Rabbinical Council of America, and to this day convenes the Orthodox Forum, a think tank of rabbis, academicians, and community leaders that meets annually to discuss topics of concern in the Orthodox community. Before assuming the presidency of Yeshiva University, Rabbi Lamm served for many years as rabbi of the Jewish Center, one of New York City’s most prominent and vibrant Orthodox synagogues.

A prolific author in the field of Jewish philosophy and law, a distinguished academician, and a charismatic pulpit rabbi, Rabbi Lamm has made, and continues to make, an extraordinary impact on the Jewish community. With a rare combination of penetrating scholarship and eloquence of expression, he presents a view of contemporary Jewish life that speaks movingly to all.

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