The Light That Unites: A Chanukah Companion



The Light That Unites: A Chanukah Companion

by Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider

Revised Edition, HC, ISBN #978-1-61465-473-5

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Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider illuminates on the much beloved but oft-under examined holiday of Chanukah. The first of its kind, this book offers a teaching for each candle of Chanukah gathered from the most beloved and esteemed sages and masters: Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik, the Lubavitcher Rebbe, Rabbi Abraham Isaac Kook, Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach, and other luminaries. Anyone seeking the true spirituality of Chanukah will find a new appreciation for Chanukah’s message of light and unity.

~An engaging teaching for every candle of Chanukah

~Chanukah Blessings with insights and interpretations

~Additional prayers and Psalms to enhance the lighting experience

~The Grace After Meals with an enhanced commentary

Beautify your Chanukah candle lighting experience with powerful teachings that will enhance all eight nights with meaning and joy. Each thought is concise and accessible, perfect for sharing with family and friends.


About the Author

Rabbi Aaron Goldscheider received his rabbinic ordination from Yeshiva University in 1993 where he also studied Jewish philosophy. Since then he has devoted his life to teaching Torah and to outreach to the less affiliated. For the past twenty years he has served as a synagogue rabbi in Florida and in New York.

Most recently, he was the Rabbi of the historic Mount Kisco Hebrew Congregation in Westchester NY.

Currently Rabbi Goldscheider serves on the faculty of Yeshiva University’s Gruss Kollel, Israel and is a faculty member at the Orthodox Union’s World Center in Jerusalem.

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