Le-Chaber es Ha-Ohel



Le-Chaber es Ha-Ohel:

Exploring Connections in Tanach and Chazal

by Michael Kaiser

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This highly original work consists of essays on an array of topics related to themes in Jewish thought and the Jewish holidays. In Le-Chaber es Ha-Ohel, readers will find a vast collection of ideas from the masters of machshavah, such as Sefas Emes and Shem Mi-Shmuel as well as Rabbi Gedalyah Schorr’s Or Gedalyahu and Rabbi Chaim Yaakov Goldvicht’s Asufas Ma’arachos, among many others. In addition, Michael Kaiser contributes his own close readings of the sources to reveal the underlying thematic connections between areas of the Torah which, on their face, seem unrelated.

While this work requires effort on the part of the reader, those efforts are richly rewarded. In his foreword, Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter writes: ”I have consistently been absolutely overwhelmed by [the essays’] profundity, depth, wisdom, creativity and originality. I have learned a great deal from each one of them and been captured by their dazzling brilliance, one by one. They were never an easy read; I had to work at trying to understand them. But they have always been worth the investment of my time and energy Read them all thoughtfully and carefully, and then read them again. You will learn an enormous amount from them.”

About the Author

Michael Kaiser is a businessman who, with his wife Judy, divide their time between Toronto and Jerusalem. His work has been published in Jewish ActionThe Jewish Observer, and The Globe and Mail, Canada’s premier daily newspaper.

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