Talking About Intimacy and Sexuality: A Guide for Orthodox Jewish Parents


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By: Dr. Yocheved Debow

Co-published by OU Press and KTAV

ISBN 9781602802209

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This extraordinary work guides parents through the challenge of educating children in the complex, delicate topic of human sexuality. Prominent educator Dr. Yocheved Debow combines the most accurate scientific knowledge, real world counseling experience, and the purest Torah attitudes to produce a resource that will enable parents to educate their children towards dignity, modesty, and kedusha as they confront unprecedented challenges and dangers in this social media-driven generation.

The sexual attitudes and values of contemporary Western civilization are often contrary to Jewish values, and Talking About Intimacy and Sexuality will equip parents to discharge their primary parental duty in a constructive and Torah-true manner. Dr. Debow defines the Jewish sexual ethic, teaches modesty, and provides a roadmap to attaining sanctity in this delicate, holy aspect of life. Her instructions and recommendations are never abstract and theoretical, but are invariably practical and down to earth. The book also contains an important Foreword by Rabbi Dr. Tzvi Hersh Weinreb, Executive Vice President, Emeritus of the OU, which highlights the significance of Dr. Debow’s book for the contemporary Jewish community.

A comprehensive and candid treatment of the subject, Talking About Intimacy and Sexuality also includes important discussions about eating disorders, the Internet, and sexual harassment and abuse. An invaluable resource for every Jewish parent.

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