Birkon Mesorat HaRav



Birkon Mesorat HaRav:
The Wintman Edition


The Complete Hebrew-English Birkon with commentary by “The Rav,” Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik


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ISBN 978-965-301-856-3rav picture

Hardcover, 281 pages

The Birkon Mesorat HaRav  is a unique work which provides a companion for Shabbat, Yom Tov, and other special occasions—such as the wedding, Sheva Berachot, and the Brit Milah ceremony—as well as for the blessings recited every day. Rabbi David Hellman has skillfully assembled the Rav’s thought on these topics from a diverse collection of sources to form a running commentary on the Birkon. The Birkon also contains a section of Reshimot and of Hanhagot, which record in-depth halachic explanations and the Rav’s personal practices, compiled in consultation with those who knew the Rav firsthand to ensure their accuracy. In addition, the Birkon includes three essays on the Rav’s conceptual understanding of Birkat HaMazon, Zimmun, and Kiddush—areas in which the Rav’s major contributions require a full length treatment. Co-published by OU Press and Koren Publishers Jerusalem.

Following upon the success of the Mesorat HaRav volumes of the Kinot, Siddur, and Chumash, the Birkon Mesorat HaRav will undoubtedly be received eagerly as another outstanding addition to the library of the Rav’s masterful works.

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