Halacha Yomis: A Daily Halachic Companion



Halacha Yomis: A Daily Halachic Companion

The Feldhamer Edition

by Rabbi Yaakov Luban and Rabbi Eli Gersten

Co-published with Ktav Publishing House; Hardcover, ISBN #978-1602-803961

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Shortly before the petirah in 2016 of Rabbi Chaim Yisroel Belsky zt”l, a renowned halachic authority and one of the senior poskim of the Orthodox Union Kosher division, the OU began a daily halacha email in his merit, containing one halacha each day composed by a team of OU rabbis. After Rav Belsky’s passing, the highly popular Halacha Yomis email has continued in his memory, sponsored by Gerald and Karin Feldhamer. This Halacha Yomis volume contains a wide selection of entries from the Halacha Yomis email series, consisting of 354 halachos, one for each day of the Hebrew calendar year. With each halacha presented in a clear, succinct and highly readable fashion, Halacha Yomis strikes the balance between accessibility to beginners and examination of laws that are not well-known even to advanced students. As attested to by the thousands of subscribers who have been reading and enjoying the email version of this halacha series for years, Halacha Yomis is a worthy companion to the study and observance of halacha in our times.



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