Headlines 1: Halachic Debates of Current Events


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462 pages
ISBN 978-1-87901-661-3

In Headlines, Dovid Lichtenstein takes items drawn from the news as starting points for in-depth halachic analyses of questions at the forefront of our contemporary conversation. A small sample of issues discussed in this wide-ranging book: Must we rescue people who ignored evacuation warnings during Hurricane Sandy? Should one report suspected child molesters? How can we solve the problem of recalcitrant husbands and agunot? What is the halachic status of lab-created beef? Employing the classical yeshivah method of learning, combined with clear language and broad scope, the author finds relevant halachic analogues for new situations in classic sources.

Dovid Lichtenstein is the founder and CEO of The Lightstone Group, one of the largest privately held real estate companies in the United States. He studied for five years in the Mir Yeshiva.

Table of Contents:

1. Obamacare and “Death Panels”: Healthcare Rationing in Halacha
2. Hurricane Sandy: Rescuing Those Who Put Themselves in Danger
3. Stand Your Ground vs. Duty to Retreat: Would a Beis Din Have Convicted George Zimmerman?
4. Reporting Child Molesters: מסירה or Obligation?
5. Shooting Down a Hijacked Plane: Killing a Few to Save the Lives of Many
6. Air Pollution in Halacha
פדיון שבוים . 7 of Convicted Criminals
8. Leiby Kletzky’s Killer: The Insanity Defense in Halacha
חילול השם . 9 in the Presence of Gentiles
10. May Halacha be Violated to Avoid Embarrassment?
11. A Rabbi in Church: The Permissibility of an Orthodox Rabbi Attending a Presidential Convocation
12. Touring the Vatican
13. Governmental Charities
14. Voting for A Candidate Whose Platform Supports Torah Prohibitions

15. Alternatives to Cattle Prods: In Search of a Solution to the Aguna Problem
16. Therapy and Impropriety: Yichud with a Therapist
17. Can a Child Have Two Halachic Mothers or Fathers?
18. Who’s Your Mother? Surrogate Motherhood and In Vitro Fertilization in Halacha
19. Family Planning: May a Couple Delay Having Children?
20. Are Internet Filters Halachically Required?

21. No Sephardim Allowed: Discriminatory School Policies in Halacha
22. Draftng Yeshiva Students: A Halachic Debate
23. Many Terrorists for One Israeli? The Gilad Shalit Deal Through the Prism of Halacha

Shabbos & Yom Tov
24. Outreach or Stumbling Block? Extending Shabbos Invitations to the Nonobservant
25. Online Business on Shabbos
26. Viewing Israeli News Broadcasts Filmed or Posted on Shabbos
27. Making a Beracha on Chanukah Candles at the White House
28. Ordering Chametz by Credit Card During Pesach for Delivery after Pesach

29. A Kosher Cheeseburger? The Halachic Status of Synthetic Beef
30. The Webcam in Halacha

31. Bernie Madoff: Must a Charity Return Funds Donated by a Ponzi Scheme to Investors?
32. “Wireless Connections are Available” — Or are They? Using a Wireless Connection without Permission
33. Virtual Theft: Downloading and Copying Files or Programs Without Permission
34. Is One Liable for Damages Caused by Sending a Computer Virus?


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