The Nach Yomi Companion Volume 2


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Volume 2: Kesuvim — Writings

By Rabbi Jack Abramowitz


Rabbi Jack Abramowitz, Editor of OU Torah, has previously served as Director of Programs for NCSY and Associate Director of the OU’s Department of Synagogue Services. Rabbi Abramowitz holds degrees in Jewish studies, communications and Higher Education Administration. He has spearheaded numerous OU Torah projects including Nach Yomi, Mishna Yomit, Taryag, HaShoneh Halachos, and many others; he has also authored dozen of educational pamphlets for the OU and NCSY. Rabbi Abramowitz is the author of The Taryag Companion, The Nach Yomi Companion (volumes 1 and 2), The Shnayim Mikra Companion and The Tzniyus Book.

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