Shalom Rav Haggada



Shalom Rav Haggada

by Rabbi Shalom Rosner

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The night of the Seder is an opportunity not only to transmit our history and tradition, but to uncover new and deeper meanings in the text of the Haggada. The insights we can gain from this most ancient of books are as relevant to our lives today as they have ever been. For over two decades, Rav Shalom Rosner has delivered an annual series of shiurim on the Haggada. The Shalom Rav Haggada is a selection of those lectures, edited and adapted by Marc Lesnick.

Derived from a wide spectrum of sources that include Rishonim, Aharonim, Hasidic masters, contemporary rabbanim, and scholars with an assortment of hashkafot (philosophies), this array of ideas will enable all participants at the Seder to connect to this monumental evening from their own personal perspectives. Including short introductory articles on topics relating to the Haggada and Pesah; a compelling commentary on the Haggada itself; and an insightful commentary on Shir HaShirim (as well as the text of Shir HaShirim), traditionally recited during Pesah, the Shalom Rav Haggada is bound to spark new ideas and meaningful discourse for those participating in the Seder. This Haggada is an especially valuable resource for Seder leaders to prepare in advance the most pertinent passages for family and guests, to empower and inspire.

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